SRE Environmental And OHS

Integrated Policy


Intermolde's top management guides its actions, seeking a balance between economic and financial efficiency, respect for the individual, equity and the promotion of social well-being, ecological balance and respect for the environment, while complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the company.


The Social Responsibility and Ethics Policy promotes,

  • Openness to dialogue and the promotion of justice, ethical action and respect for individuals and their rights,
  • Equal rights and opportunities,
  • Opportunity for work and personal and professional development
  • Trust and rigour in business relations and effective business risk management.


Environmental Policy encourages,

  • Preservation and respect for the environment, with special attention to eco-efficiency and the preservation of natural resources through their rational and sustainable use,
  • Minimising the waste inherent in the activity and, consequently, reducing its environmental impact,
  • In terms of the circular economy, it promotes the collection of aluminium-bronze scrap at its customers, with the aim of recycling it and incorporating it back into the European market.


The Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • It is constantly concerned with identifying, assessing and controlling risks, with a view to preventing accidents at work,
  • Promotes the reduction of health risks through occupational safety, guaranteeing a healthy and safe working environment.


Continuous improvement is promoted by reviewing all the associated policies and procedures and regularly monitoring the results obtained.