About us


Intermolde was born in 1973 and is dedicated for many years to the production of moulds and accessories for the glass industry.

The know-how was being acquired through partnerships with the largest producers of glass technology centers and universities in Portugal. 

Soon the Intermolde quality began to distinguish itselves by the efficiency of the moulds that had a longer life in production.

Moving from the domestimarket to the external was a natural jump. Intermolde began its expansion in Germany, where the requirement on the quality of the product was tested to the limit. Intermolde embraced that challenge and won. Today has satisfied customers spread across the four continents.

With 4 factories, 100 CNC machines, skilled personnel and a strict quality control, Intermolde ensures global solutions for its clients, from design to finished product.


Supplying high quality moulds and accessories to the glass mould industry in an efficient and sustainable way.


To be a leading supplier of moulds and accessories for the packaging glass mould industry in the Iberian and European markets.

To have a global presence and be positioned among the world's largest manufacturers of moulds for glassmoulds, based on pillars such as quality and innovation.


- Satisfying the Customer while respecting all other Stakeholders

- Focus on process innovation, efficiency and sustainability

- Orientation towards the development of technologically advanced solutions

- Responsibility

- Trust


Investing in projects/initiatives aimed at manufacturing moulds and accessories with more efficient and automated processes, taking into account energy and environmental aspects..

Promoting cost reduction in terms of waste generated, seeking to identify more advantageous solutions in terms of the oils to be used in the manufacturing process.

Optimisation of workplaces with a view to minimising OSH risks and improving working conditions.



With the objective of offering moulds and accessories in which our clients can identify an image of excellence, Intermolde proudly implemented its Quality Management System that follows the rules of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The strategies, investment efforts and productive process optimizations are aimed to the growth of client´s demands and expectations. We highlight the following quality control solutions:

  • Several measurement equipments and large investment in Gauges
  • Three-dimensional measuring machine with numeric command
  • Statistic Control of the Processes

Quality policy


Since its foundation that Intermolde has a special focus in the area of research & development.

Intermolde has developed partnerships with important technological centres, like Centimfe (Marinha Grande, Portugal) and universities known in the area of technology and management such as Coimbra’s University (Coimbra, Portugal) and the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Leiria, Portugal). 

To overcome the problems and challenges brought to us by our clients we often turn to researchers from various branches of science that bring to Intermolde new methods for both the productive and organizational level. Intermolde also serves often as a lab for doctorate students to test their ideas in robotics and mechanics.

Therefore, has implemented its RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) Management System, according to the NP 4457:2021.

Intermolde’s clients know that they can trust us to always have an answer to their needs.

RDI Policy