Intermolde produces 2 500 cavities per month (30 000 cavities per year) counting both blow moulds and blank moulds. Intermolde only uses raw materials that come from the most trustworthy foundries in Europe in order to assure that our moulds have the best quality.

As a result, Intermolde has produced some sets of blank moulds that reached the incredible number of more 2.000.000 (2 million) gobs per cavity.

Intermode is, at the moment, specialized on bronze moulds with metallization. We have an excellent feedback from our clients who tried our moulds. High speed production, with low consumption of cooling air, and long durability of the moulds.

Neck rings and Guide Rings

Intermolde has a production unit completely dedicated to neck rings. With this investment Intermolde has gain the capability to produce 5 000 neck rings per month; this is 60 000 neck rings per year.

Modern equipments and specialized personnel assure that all the neck rings are delivered to the client within the highest quality standards.


Intermolde produces complete range of accessories for I.S Machines

- Plungers (BB, PB, NNPB)
- Cooling Tubes
- Funnels
- Blow Heads
- Vertiflow Plates
- Take-out tongs
- Diverse Gauges, etc


Intermolde works 24h, from Monday to Friday, which allows a permanent contact with the client. So frequently Intermolde will give a positive answer to any urgent service, of repairing or special change, that may be required.

 The Intermode Group has a specialized company on mould repairs in its structure. MEGO, is located alongside the other facilities of the group for a better efficiency in logistics.


This service can increase the life time of the mould set up to 20% due to the techniques used by our human resources.


Intermolde has a design department capable of dealing with any type of project due to the most recent software and specialized personnel.

Intermolde has this service to meet the requirements of those clients that don´t have enough capacity in their design departments.

All drawings are submitted to client approval. After that approval Intermolde begins with production of the mould set.


Intermolde performs all types of acrylic bottle prototypes. Perfectly simulating white glass to any other color. For models of high complexity, we can also use the latest additives technologies of material, in this case the model presented will be opaque white.